There is no way to 'add' the code onto the account as the sign-up process for institutional accounts is different from regular accounts.

But not to worry, you have two options!

1. I don't have annotations, highlights and reading lists I need to save...

In this case, follow these steps:

  1. Head to your account settings.

  2. Delete your account (if you don't see this option, get in touch with support!).

  3. Follow the link provided by your institution and enter the code you were given.

This is the quickest way!

2. I have annotations, highlights and reading lists I would like to save...

If you would like to keep your Perlego data, we can manually 'convert' your account.

Message us with your email and code, and we will sort this out for you. This option takes a little longer than the above but we will get it sorted ASAP for you 🙂

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