You can find all the details of our pricing below (please note that this is for UK subscribers, to see your pricing head here when logged out).

Remember, both plans offer full access to the library and all the features Perlego offers!

Monthly £12 - this plan offers more flexibility than the annual plan

Annual £96 - this plan is less flexible than the monthly, but it is also cheaper (working out to the equivalent of £8 per month!)

You may be wondering whether we have a student discount. After having thought about it for a long-time we concluded that the above pricing is one that is fair to all that are involved in Perlego.

This includes the publishers (and their authors), the Perlego team, and our users - whether you are a student or a life-long learner. Because we believe education should be accessible to all.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any other questions or need any help choosing a plan!

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