If you have purchased a subscription and decide Perlego isn’t for you, please write to us within 14 days after the end of your free trial, from the email address linked to your subscription, and our Support Team will be happy to refund your subscription fee.

Am I eligible for a refund?

At Perlego, we have a 14-day money-back guarantee that applies to the following cases:

  • The 14-day money-back guarantee applies to first-time purchases only, not renewals. 

  • You must contact us about your charge within 14 days of your free trial ending (we'll aim to respond and issue your refund as soon as possible, as long as you've emailed us within the 14 days, your refund will be honoured).

We are unable to issue refunds for payments more than 14 days after the 14-day free trial has ended. If you've decided you'd no longer like to subscribe to Perlego, please cancel your subscription before your next payment to avoid any unwanted charges. Find out how to cancel your subscription here: How to cancel your subscription

Refunds can only be processed to the same payment method used at the time of purchase.

To avoid any delays with your refund, please email us from the email address that is linked to your subscription.

Why can't you issue refunds after 14 days have passed since my first payment?

Perlego was created with the mission of making education affordable and accessible to all.

We want to make sure that people like yourself can use Perlego but we also need to ensure a fair price for both publishers and their authors. To achieve this, we pay 65% of every subscription to the publisher. 

This is why we are only able to issue refunds within 14 days of your free trial ending. If we offered refunds past this point it would become too difficult for us to offer all that we do.

We try to make our pricing and charging process as clear and transparent as possible across various steps of the process:

  1. The 'Choose plan' page 

  2. The 'Payment details' page 

  3. The confirmation email sent out at the start of the trial 

  4. The reminder email that is sent out 3 days before the trial ends 

Please note: Refunds are not automatic, if you'd like a refund after you've cancelled your subscription, please email our support team or speak to us on livechat.

If you think there is anything more we can do to make this even clearer for others, please send us a message at [email protected] or via our livechat feature, thank you!

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