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🤕 I Can't Log In to Perlego
🤕 I Can't Log In to Perlego

Need help logging into your Perlego account? Check out this article for common issues and solutions.

Updated over a week ago

Here are a few common log-in issues and how to fix them:

1. I forgot my password 

  • Go to the Password Reset page

  • Enter the email you used to sign up

  • Check your inbox - You should shortly receive an email with subject line 'Password Reset'

  • Copy the code in the email and paste it in the box

  • Create a new memorable password 

2. I didn't receive the Password Reset email

Possibility 1: The 'Password Reset' email may have ended in your 'Promotions', 'Updates or 'Spam' folders in your email provider. Have a look there to see if you can find it.

Possibility 2: If you can't find the 'Password Reset' email anywhere, it might have been sent to another email address altogether. Check your other email addresses in case it ended up there.

3. My password isn't being recognised

We've just found a small bug that's causing issues with passwords that include a + or - symbol. While we're looking into this, please reset your password and avoid using +/- symbols in your new password 🙏

💙 Contact Support

If you have any further trouble or questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Support Team via [email protected] or live chat (available Sunday-Friday 9 am - 8 pm GMT though hours may vary).

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