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🗂️ Workspaces and Assignments
🗂️ Workspaces and Assignments

Organise your resources, add external content, share reading lists with others, and create assignments with Perlego's Workspaces.

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Get started with our tutorial below 👇

Create a Workspace

Find your workspaces in your side bar on the left

To create a new Workspace, click the + icon in your sidebar next to 'My Workspaces' or click on the drop-down arrow in the corner of any book.

Give your workspace a title and description

Add a title and description to define your Workspace and click 'Create workspace'.

* Taa-daa * your new Workspace has now been saved to 'My Workspaces'.

📲 Creating Workspaces is not yet available in the app, but you can still view and add to existing Workspaces.

What content can be added to your Workspace?

Along with books from the Perlego library, you can also add any website link and public cloud-based document to your workspaces.

Content examples

📓 Books on Perlego

🔗 Online articles or websites

📃 PDFs hosted publicly on websites or in cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox

📁 Presentations, documents & spreadsheets hosted publicly on Google Docs and Microsoft OneDrive

📺 Videos from YouTube, Vimeo, TedTalk, TikToks

🔈 Audio from Spotify and SoundCloud

⚠️ Important notes about adding external content

  • Known piracy websites are blocked and the content will not render

  • By adding content, you are accepting our Content Policy. We have a strict ban on pirated and harmful content. If you do not follow this policy and usage agreement, we will remove the content, and it may result in your account being deactivated.

  • We rely on community moderation, so please report any content you consider to violate our policy - find out more about the reporting process here.

Add content to your Workspace

Books on Perlego

Search our library and add books to your workspace directly from the dropdown menu on the book cover or book page 🔎

Website links, audio & video content

  1. Copy the URL link from the content you want to add

2. Paste it into the text field in your Workspace

PDFs, presentations, spreadsheets & other documents

  1. Save the file to Google Drive, Dropbox or any cloud-based storage platform

  2. Change your share settings to 'public' or 'anyone with a link can view'

  3. Copy the link and paste it into the 'Add external content' text field

Remove content from your Workspace

Books on Perlego

1. In the library, click the drop-down arrow in the corner of any book and select which Workspace you’d like to remove the book from

2. On a book’s information page, click on the drop-down arrow next to ‘Want to read’ and select the Workspace you’d like to remove the book from

3. In the Workspace, click on the three dots next to ‘Continue Reading’ and select ‘Remove book’

External content

In the Workspace, next to the content you want to remove click the three dots and select ‘Remove content’.

Reorder contents in your Workspace

Reorder the content in your Workspace by using the ⬇️ up and down ⬇️ arrows that appear to the left when hovering over a resource.

Add notes

When the Workspace page is open, you can add notes to all your content! Have a favourite quote? What about a key essay point? Just select the three dots and add your note 📝

Share your Workspace

You can invite people to view your Workspace either by email or by sharing a link to your Workspace by clicking on the 'Share' button in the right-hand corner of your Workspace.

You can then choose whether you'd like anyone with a link to be able to view your Workspace, or you can keep it private by selecting 'Only invited users'. Once you've invited someone they'll have 30 days to accept their invitation.

You can then manage who has access to your workspace by removing anyone who no longer needs access.

Please note: When sharing your Workspace, the recipient of the invitation will be able to see the email address linked to your Perlego account.

Create an Assignment

You can set chapter-specific assigned reading for yourself or your students from books on Perlego! Once you've found the ideal chapter for your class, you can share it easily to ensure students can find the right content easily and complete the readings before the start of the lesson.

You can access your Assignments by visiting "My Workspaces" in the bar on the left. You will be able to create the Pre-Class Assignments space and create a list of readings. Follow the steps below or watch this video.

  1. Create a Workspace for your class or course.

  2. Invite your students/participants to the Workspace. You can do this with their emails by adding them individually to view the list, or by copying the link and sharing it, they will then get access to the list. If they don't have a Perlego subscription, they'll still be able to see the workspace and the list of content, but won't be able to open and read Perlego books.

  3. Add the relevant content/resources to the workspace for the class/course

  4. Now click the “Create assignment” button using one of the books you added to the Workspace to start creating a reading Assignment for that book.

  5. Give your Assignment a title.

  6. Go to the next step and select the chapter(s)/subchapter(s) that you would like to assign to the participants.

  7. Go to the next step and then give the Assignment a due date.

  8. Then in the same step you can give the Assignment a set of instructions that will be visible to the participants (optional).

  9. Select the check box to request a written response from participants when the Assignment is submitted (optional).

  10. Once you are happy with the assignment you have created, click "Confirm and Publish".

  11. You will then be redirected back to the Workspace where you can see the Assignment you have just created. The Assignment should appear at the top of the "Assignments" tab.

  12. To see who has read the Assignment and the level of completion, click on the three-dot button on the card and select “View insights” from the menu. If you requested a response from participants, select "View responses" from the menu.

  13. You can also edit or delete the Assignment by selecting these options from the dropdown menu on the Assignment card.

What if I get an error?

If you try to add a document whose privacy/sharing settings are not public, we will not be able to add the content. If you try to add the same link again, it'll be blocked for 1 hour before you can try again.

More support 💙

If you need any help, have any questions or you'd like to speak to a member of our support team about content, you can reach us via our live chat feature or [email protected] ✌️

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