We believe education is a human right. As part of our mission to make learning accessible to all, we've built an online library with accessibility, affordability and sustainability at its core.

For less than the price of a single book per month, you can get access to an entire online library, available on web and our app. With over 700, 000 books across more than 990 different topics - from Archeology to Zoology - we’ve got you covered! Perlego is available worldwide and offers books in German, Italian, Spanish and now French too.

📖 Our story

Everyone here has been a student at some point and knows that shock on realising how expensive academic books can be. It’s why our founders, Gauthier and Matt, created Perlego in 2016.

Textbook prices continue to skyrocket, causing unnecessary anxiety and excluding many from the education system altogether. With students unable to afford the resources they need, piracy and second-hand book sales are also on the rise leaving researchers, authors and the publishing industry at a loss too.

Perlego was born to provide an affordable (and sustainable) textbook solution for learners, by partnering with publishers and removing the costs of print, distribution, and retail markup.

🌱 Our mission

We're committed to improving the lives of learners globally, supporting researchers and the creation of trustworthy resources, and building a more sustainable future we can all reach our potential in.

🌟 Our promises

We think we're building a pretty awesome service but we also know we're young and have a lot of growing to do.

We promise to be open and honest at every step of the way and, by sharing our journey with you, we can build a product that people love.

We'll always strive for inclusivity, both in the way we run our business and the way we build Perlego.

We stand by our integrity to deliver a product that improves the lives of learners around the world and continue to build a business we're proud of.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, we always want to hear from you so please get in touch. But for now, happy reading from the Perlego team 🙂

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