1. Make sure you sign up from this page (this bit is really important!)

  2. Use the unique code sent in your email from Barclays

  3. Start your subscription

  4. Thank yourself for getting smart with your studies and your money 💸

Why am I being asked to enter payment details?

It sounds like you've signed up via our 'regular' flow. Just delete this account via the Account section of your Settings and then sign up with the link above which will take you to a group registration page.

I haven’t received a code!

The email from Barclays with your code can arrive up to a week after you start your Student Additions Account. It’ll contain everything you need to get signed up with Perlego though so you can begin using the library as soon as possible! If you don’t receive this email, just get in touch with Barclays for support with this.

If you need anything else or have any questions, just reach out to our support team and we’ll be happy to help 😊

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