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🎧 Read Aloud Availability
🎧 Read Aloud Availability

Some books are being read aloud on Perlego. Here's why and how to know if a book has audio available.

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Is Read Aloud available for every book?

Unfortunately not! When we've got one million books, we have to have a lot of patience with the process.

Our mission is to make learning accessible to all, so we're working on getting audio available, starting with the most-read books on Perlego. We hope that having the book read aloud will make the information in these books more accessible to as many of you as possible.

Where it is available, the Read Aloud tool reads the books on Perlego with audio playback, it's pretty easy to use, you can read the tutorial here.

Is Read Aloud available on the app?

Not yet! For now, you can use Read Aloud on the web platform. That means you can use it on your laptop, computer, tablet or phone, as long as it's the website and not the app.

How do I know if a book has Read Aloud available?

Two ways, all books that have audio available will have this tag on the book page.

And when you've opened up a book with audio available, you'll be able to see the Read Aloud tool in the toolbar on the left.

How are the books being selected?

We're prioritising the most read books on Perlego. Our team has sliced and diced the number of minutes that have been spent reading on Perlego and has prioritised the titles most read by all our learners. That's why we're letting you know to keep an eye out when you're searching for your next read. We're then testing the titles to make sure that they can be Read Aloud by the tool.

Is Read Aloud available in different languages?

Yes! Read Aloud is now available on select content in Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

My book used to have Read Aloud, why is it no longer available?

If you had previously been able to use the Read Aloud tool on a certain book but now you no longer see it available, it's likely because we found a technical issue and had to disable the tool for a while. If this is the case, you won't be able to use the Read Aloud tool on that book while we try to get to the bottom of the problem.

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