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🔊 How to use Read Aloud
🔊 How to use Read Aloud

If the book you're reading has the Read Aloud tool, here's a tutorial for you!

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Our mission is to make learning accessible to all, so we're working on making Read Aloud available on as many of the most-read books on Perlego as possible! So far it's been added to thousands of titles in the library.

We hope the option to have your books read aloud will help to support and broaden the paths of your learning by taking the accessibility of our library one step further.

What books have Read Aloud?

Read Aloud is available on Perlego's website on over half of the titles within our library. That means you can use it on your laptop, computer, tablet or phone, as long as it's the website and not the app.

Rest assured, we are working on having Read Aloud available within the app as well as more titles on Perlego in time, we're just still in the fine-tuning phase.

In the meantime, you can easily locate the titles with Read Aloud by clicking the search bar and selecting the Read Aloud filter just below it.

You'll notice in the screenshot above that when selecting this filter your search is limited to titles that all have an open book icon 📖 layered with the volume icon on top 🔊

You can also find this icon on the book's page if you're unsure.

How do I start using the Read Aloud tool?

If the book you are reading has audio available, you will see a button in the left toolbar with the Read Aloud symbol we mentioned in the section above.

1. Skip past the cover to begin using Read Aloud

2. Click on the Read Aloud button to open the Read Aloud panel or use the keyboard shortcut ⌥ + R

3. ▶️ Press the "Play" button to begin reading!

You should then hear the audio playback. The tool will read aloud the text paragraph-by-paragraph until it reaches the end of the chapter or until you press pause or stop in the panel.

⏸️ Pause

When the Read Aloud tool is active and you can hear audio playback, you can pause the audio by clicking the "Pause" button and play again to resume.

⏹️ Stop

If you want to listen to a different section from the one you're currently listening to, click the "Stop" button.

This will reset the Read Aloud tool and stop the audio playback for the current section. Scroll to the section of the book you would like to be read aloud and click the play button again.

⏮️ ⏭️ Skip

To skip to the next or go back to the previous paragraph, you can click the "Next" or "Previous" buttons.

👉 Select

You can also hover next to the paragraph where you wish to begin reading and select the Read Aloud icon to begin reading from there.

How can I adjust the speed?

You can change the speed at which the text is read aloud. Click the speed control button in the Read Aloud panel and adjust the slider to either slow down or speed up the audio playback to your preferred speed.

Can I skip the Footnotes and Superscripts?

Yes, you can! We know how disruptive it can be when hyperlinked numbers and footnotes are read aloud and cut off the flow of your reading experience so we've given you the option to skip it.

Simply select the gear icon ⚙️ within the Read Aloud panel and check the box next to Skip footnotes.

What if I find a problem with the Read Aloud tool?

If the Read Aloud tool is not behaving as it should on a book that you are reading, please reach out to our Customer Support Team. We will be happy to investigate any potential issues and get back to you as soon as possible.

You can reach us via email at [email protected], or message us from Perlego directly using our Live Chat option in the bottom right-hand corner of the website.

Got a minute to tell us what you think?

Cut straight to the chase and tell our tech team your thoughts on the tool with this feedback form. We'd love to hear from you 💙

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