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🔎 Time-saving tips for researching with Perlego's AI Researcher
🔎 Time-saving tips for researching with Perlego's AI Researcher

Learn how to write effective search queries with AI Researcher to enhance your results & find precisely what you need more efficiently.

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What is AI Researcher?

Imagine a search tool that understands the context and meaning behind your words, not just the words themselves🕵️‍♀️

That's exactly what AI Researcher does, using a search technique called semantic searching.

By analysing the content of the Library's collection, it retrieves relevant books and extracts, helping you find just what you're looking for, rather than just searching for exact keyword matches.

Please note: currently, key excerpts are only available for English-published ePub titles. However, you can still search in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages and receive key book results in those languages.

Quick start ⚡

  1. Activate AI Researcher. Head to the search bar where you usually type in your search terms, and select AI Researcher from the dropdown.

  2. Type in your topic or question. The more specific you are, the better results you'll get. For instance, instead of just searching for "democracy", you could try "the impact of social justice on democratic society."

  3. Hit the search button! AI Researcher analyses your search terms and scours our collection, looking for relevant title suggestions as well as book excerpts that give you a quick glimpse of what the book is about and whether it contains the information you need.

Writing good search queries for AI Researcher

Explore now, refine later. Including keywords in a natural language will help capture the concepts you’re interested in. AI Researcher excels at understanding context and clear terms such as “printing presses during the renaissance era”.

Think beyond keywords. AI Researcher analyses meaning, not just keywords. Try using synonyms or related concepts in your search to uncover a wider range of relevant material.

Don't underestimate recommendations. Don't dismiss books suggested by AI Researcher even if they don't initially seem like an exact match. AI Researcher dives deeper, uncovering hidden gems that might hold valuable insights. Use the Table of Contents or Find in Book feature to narrow down the content most relevant to you.

Be specific within your subject. Use terms and phrases specific to the academic field you're researching. AI Researcher can map subject-specific terms to relevant book content, so searches like "gradient descent in neural network training" will yield more relevant results than "how AI learns".

Keep it concise. AI Researcher works best with one or two sentences, so keep your queries focused and targeted to your area of interest. Remove any clutter.

Use a different lens. If your initial search doesn't return quite what you were looking for, try different terminology or phrasing your research question from a slightly different angle.

Switch between AI Researcher and Title Searching. If you’re looking for a specific book title, author, or ISBN, you may get better results by using Title Search, rather than AI Researcher.

Give it a try!

Our new AI Research is here to make your research journey faster, easier and more productive. Next time you're looking for information, put the power of AI to work for you and see the difference!

Still have questions?

Don't hesitate to ask our Support Team for further assistance. We're happy to help you get the most out of your new search feature 🕵️

You can contact us through live chat or email [email protected].

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