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🐝 Read Faster with BeeLine
🐝 Read Faster with BeeLine

How and why the BeeLine colourings work!

Updated over a week ago

We're trying a new font colouring to help you read faster, for longer and help you keep focus. It's called BeeLine, and you can see it in action on your next book in the "Settings" options in the bar on the left hand-side. Select from 4 colours.

We've tested it out in the team and we absolutely love it! So far, it's actually improved our reading speeds by around 15% on average. See how fast you can go with BeeLine!

This simple cognitive trick is designed to guide your eyes through long blocks of text, helping you read faster for longer while also easing screen fatigue.

It's available on all of our ePUBS, but not PDFs quite yet!

Here's a step-by-step on how you can use it next time you read:

  1. Open your current read (remember, it's on ePub's for now and not a PDF's, you can find which one yours is on the book's preview page)

  2. Open your Settings Panel (⚙️ icon or typing "S" in your keyboard shortcut)

  3. Select your favourite of 3 different colour palettes from BeeLine
    For now, it works on White, Paper or Sepia, so make sure you've selected one of those as your background option! It isn't available in Black/ Dark mode yet.

That's it! We'll keep your options locked in for each new book you open next.

Change your settings and explore other colours or go back to default at any time!

If you want to learn more about how BeeLine helps you read, take a look here.

If you're interested in what else we're doing about our commitment to building a product that is accessible to all of our learners, read our Accessibility Statement.

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