We are on a mission to make learning accessible to all by providing unlimited access to all the resources students need to learn. In doing so, we also want to ensure that this access is as inclusive as possible to all the different types of learners around the world, including those with learning disabilities and auditory, motor or visual impairments.

Perlego has been verified by ASPIRE with a gold-rated score of 91%

Accredited by ASPIRE, an expert verification service for accessibility statements, with a gold-rated score of 91%, we're committed to building a product that meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level AA standard and the Section 508 standard of the Rehabilitation Act.

We are committed to:

  • Include accessibility as part of our digital strategy

  • Integrate accessibility into our design and development process

  • Include people with disabilities in our design personas and user testing

  • Do bi-annual external accessibility audits to accurately measure and identify areas of improvement

  • Build new features with accessibility in mind and run internal manual and automated tests for all new releases. These tests would be done using online plugins such as WAVE, AXE or Lighthouse.

  • Provide accessibility training for our staff

☝️ Help us improve:

If you have any questions or come across any accessibility issues while using our product, please get in touch through our in-app chat (Intercom) or at [email protected]

Response time is less than 2 hours from Monday - Friday from 8 am - 6 pm GMT. If contacted over the weekend, you can expect a response on Monday. However, do not fear because when our humans are not available our in-app chatbot, Elio, is at your service 24/7.

⭐️ Special enquiries:

If you require support related to accessible content, such as needing an accessible or DRM-free copy of a textbook for a disabled student, you can email our customer support team at [email protected]. We aim to source accessible files from the publisher or direct you to the relevant publisher within 5 days. An alternative route for sourcing accessible content is the RNIB Bookshare service.

Note: The outcome of this request is at the publisher's discretion and can not be guaranteed.

✅ Our accessibility features

🌈 Personalise your reading experience

On our website

The Perlego eReader allows users to easily adjust colours and text settings to make reading even easier - and their preferences are automatically saved as the new default for all books 👌

ePUB experience:

  • Switch the background colour between white, paper, sepia or black - for those late-night study sessions.

  • Select your preferred font style, fancy serif or sans-serif?

  • We even have OpenDyslexic as a font option. This is a typeface specifically designed to increase readability for learners with Dyslexia

  • Adjust the text size, you can even increase the text size by over 200% without experiencing any weird formatting issues (or zooming in to the entire interface) Note: Customisation of text spacing, line height, margins are not currently available

PDF experience:

  • Zoom-in and out of the pages. Note: The zoom-in limit is 100% and Perlego will open all PDFs in full-screen width by default to ensure it is as readable as possible.

On the App

The same ability to personalise your reading experience is available on the app, this is currently limited to ePUBs

ePUB experience:

  • Switch the background colour between white, paper, sepia or black - for those late-night study sessions.

  • Select your preferred font style, fancy serif or sans-serif?

  • OpenDyslexic is also available as a font option. This is a typeface specifically designed to increase readability for learners with Dyslexia

  • Adjust the text size, you can even increase the text size by over 200% without experiencing any weird formatting issues (or zooming in to the entire interface).

PDF experience:

Does not currently include these features

🌞 Colours and contrast‍

On the website and app:

The Perlego interface is compliant with WCAG Level AA contrast guidelines for an optimal reading experience across the platform.

In addition, we allow users to adjust the background colour of the eReader (as mentioned in the above section). This includes 'Night Mode', where we automatically invert colours in the reader and switches the user interface to show light text on a dark background (limited to ePub on the app).

📱 Responsive user interface

The Perlego website is fully responsive, meaning the layout automatically adapts depending on the screen size and orientation of the device it is being used on. Users can even zoom over 200% without experiencing any weird formatting issues or hiding useful functionality.

🎹 Navigate the website and eReader

On the website:

The Perlego website provides the correct HTML semantic for navigational content. This includes:

  • Heading levels

  • Navigation

  • List items

  • Button, links and hyperlinks...

Note: the same standard is not guaranteed when it comes to content provided by publishers.

Users can easily navigate through interactive elements on the website using their keyboards. The → tab key will move users through interactive elements both on the web and within the eReader, the ↑ ↓ arrow keys will let users navigate through book content based on a logical reading order when available in publisher-supplied book files, but not inside the feature panels. ENTER tab allows users to select or press/activate an interactive component. We offer a "Skip to main content" link to allow users to skip tabbing through all interactive elements of the navigation and jump to the main content of the page. All interactive elements also have focus states.

Shortcuts are available for the features within the eReader to make navigation even quicker & easier.

Note: You can not make highlights or notes using the keyboard yet

Alt text: Home: Option key + H key (for iOS), Alt key + H key (for Windows). Table of content: T key (for iOS and Windows). Find in book: F key (for iOS and Windows). Bookmarks panel: B key (for iOS and Windows). New bookmark: Option key + B key (for iOS), Alt key + B key (for Windows). Notes panel: N key (for iOS and Windows). References: R key (for iOS and Windows). Settings: S key (for iOS and Windows). Scroll book content up: Up arrow key. Scroll book content down: Down arrow key. Navigation between interactive elements: Tab key. Selecting interactive element: Enter key.

✏️ Image descriptions‍

On the website:

Perlego provides alt text and long descriptions when needed for all images and icons in the user interface.

Our content supports both alt text and long descriptions when provided by the publishers. We actively encourage all publishers to produce and provide ePUB content that adheres to the WCAG AA standard.

On the App:

This is currently unavailable on the app

📃 Digital rights management (DRM)

On the website and App

Perlego does not make use of Digital Rights Management tools to limit a users access to the traditional “one user, one book.” We have an unlimited access model.

DRM restrictions that do apply are:

  • Our content is encrypted and can only be viewed from within our Perlego eReader.

  • Copying is restricted to 10% of a book.

  • Downloading the content is only available on mobile devices through our app.

  • Printing a full book is not permitted through either platform.

At present users can not upload their own content

🐱 Copying and printing

Copy & Paste is available as a feature in the eReader. This is currently only available on desktop web browsers. Users will be able to copy up to 10% of the book, as prescribed by publishers and fair dealing under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act. Printing follows the same 10% restriction and can not be done from inside the eReader itself.

On the App:

This is not available.

‍👓 Reading online & offline

On the website:

As long as you have an internet connection you can access all of our 650,000 titles on the Perlego website. However, you can not download books.

On the App:

You can use the iOS & Android app to download books and read offline. The app does not have all PDFs available and is limited to 15 downloads at a time for the duration of 30 days.

👌 Web browser & device support‍

The website:

Perlego is optimised for the latest versions of desktop browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

The App:

We support all versions of Android devices above 8 and all iOS versions above 12. The app is available on the Apple App and Google Play Stores, globally.

💬 Support for external screen-readers and text-to-speech tools‍

We do not offer a built-in text-to-speech yet but it is in our 12-month roadmap. We do not restrict external screen-reader and text-to-speech tools from being used, although we can not guarantee they will work consistently across all of our content as this is dependant on the content provided by publishers.

Note: In the future, we will be testing popular screen-reader and text-to-speech tools in order to suggest the most compatible tools to use when reading on Perlego.

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