Thanks to your feedback, we've created a more sophisticated way to organise your library. Here's a quick guide to the changes and new features you'll find across our web version and app!

Where has my Favourites section gone?

We've replaced Favourites and Continue Reading with Want to Read, Reading and Completed. Don't worry, any books you'd favourited before the update will either be in Want to Read or Reading depending on if you'd opened the book.

You can now quickly add or remove books from these sections directly from the search results page or the book page. Just use the drop-down menu on the book cover on the web or press the three dots underneath the book cover on the app to view options.

As well as still being able to add books to your reading lists, you can now also create new lists without ever having to visit the library page - talk about efficiency! This is only available on the web version, for now.

Navigate to your library page to see these sections in action and track your progress πŸ’ͺ

Keep a history of your read books

Once you're done reading a book, store it in your Completed list for a record of your reading history.

Perlego's curated reading lists

Wondering why you can't save any of our curated reading lists or remove them from your 'My Saved Reading Lists' section anymore? Sorry for any inconvenience, but you'll have to trust us on this one as it is part of our long-term plan to improve how we optimise resources and build a knowledge-sharing community πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘

We'll be removing the 'My Saved Reading Lists' but want to give you a chance to save any required books from here first. Perhaps put them into a personal reading list or the new 'Want to Read' section.

Never seen our curated reading lists by experts and in-house librarian? Where have you been! You can find them in the filters on the main page too.

Whilst our app is compatible with most devices, we're sorry this update won't be supported on ios 12 or Android 7 or less. You will still be able to view your favourite books but not remove or add new ones. You can read more about our minimum specifications and reasons here.

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