• This is your Table of Contents - find all the chapters (and sub, subchapters) here. The progress bar is based on the number of chapters you have opened.

  • Introducing our new find-in-book feature. Perfect for all your researching needs, type in your keyword here and you will find a list of all the results from the book.

  • Here you will find all your bookmarks, clicking on them will take you to the paragraph bookmarked and you can also delete them by clicking on the 3 circles.

  • You will find all your notes here!

  • These are your references - and you can choose from Harvard, Vancouver of APA7. Can’t find yours? We have a big project coming up to add thousands of more styles.

  • Adjust your page settings here. You can change the size, font, and background colour (in PDFs you can only change the page size and page colour).

We now also have keyboard shortcuts! Just hover over one of the icons, and it will show you which shortcut to use.

If you need anything else or have any questions, then feel free to get in touch 😊

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