Correctly referencing your reading material takes time and can be a real hassle sometimes.

At Perlego we're working to make this much easier. With 21 styles available (and many more to come), you can cite the book you're reading from directly inside the book and easily export the reference.

How to reference your book

You can find our citation tool within the book you are reading. Simply open the book you want to cite and click on the quotation-marks icon in the menu on the left hand side.

Choose your preferred citation style and simply copy-paste the citation straight into your essay.

No page numbers?

Students often ask us how they should cite eBooks that don't contain page numbers.
All ePUB format books are designed by the publishers without page numbers because they are intended to adapt to the reader's screen size.

We've taken guidance from international academic best practice to build our citation tool. The majority of academic referencing styles suggest using the most narrow location reference to cite when a page number is not available - in the case of ePUBs that would be the chapter or section number.

We are also working on a feature that would make this easier for students.

Here is an example of how to cite a direct quotation from an ePUB:

(Slater and Quinn 2012, Chapter 2, Section 1, para.8)


Here is the internationally accepted formatting for e-books that have been accessed online:

  • Harvard Style Reference List

Author surname, Author Initial (eds.) (Publication Year). Book Title. [ebook] Publisher Name. Available at: Website URL


Slater, A.M. and Quinn, P.C. (eds.) (2012). Developmental Psychology: Revisiting the Classic Studies. [ebook] SAGE Publications. Available at:

  • Vancouver Style

Author surname, Author Initial, editors. Book Title [Internet]. Publisher Name; Publication Year. Available from: Website URL


Slater AM, Quinn PC, editors. Developmental Psychology: Revisiting the Classic Studies [Internet]. SAGE Publications; 2012. Available from:

If you need anything else or have any questions, then feel free to get in touch 😊

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